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Are you an electrician searching for the perfect solution to your scrap metal recycling requirements? Look no further than Niagara Metals—the ultimate destination tailored specifically for your needs. With our extensive expertise in the field, we specialize in the purchase and recycling of various types of scrap metal, placing particular emphasis on the remarkable world of copper and copper wire. As an electrician, you undoubtedly encounter surplus or discarded copper wiring on a regular basis during the course of your work. What makes it truly remarkable is its incredible value within the recycling industry. Copper boasts an unparalleled reputation for its exceptional electrical conductivity and remarkable resistance to corrosion, making it a highly sought-after material. Likewise, copper wire stands out as the undisputed rockstar among recyclable materials due to its extraordinary purity and the ability to be recycled countless times without any compromise in quality. At Niagara Metals, we take great pride in offering you competitive prices for your valuable copper wire scrap, ensuring that you not only contribute to a greener planet but also enjoy attractive financial benefits. Place your trust in us to cater to your unique scrap metal recycling needs as an electrician, and together, let’s embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future that we can be proud of.

Steel BX Cable


Electrical cable with a steel armor and conductors, commonly used for residential and commercial wiring. Valued for its strength, durability, and recyclable steel content in the metal recycling industry.

LG Insulated Copper Wire


Low-grade insulated copper wire, typically sourced from electrical cables, with a lower copper content, valued for its recyclable copper and potential reuse.

HG Insulated Copper Wire


High-grade insulated copper wire, typically sourced from electrical cables, with a high copper content, valued for its recyclable copper and potential reuse.

Copper Transformers

Electrical devices containing copper windings and iron cores, used to transfer electrical energy between different voltage levels. Valued for their copper content, recyclability, and potential recovery of valuable metals from the transformers.

Electric Motors


Devices containing coils of wire, magnets, and metal components used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Valued for their copper, aluminum, and steel content, recyclability, and potential reuse in manufacturing.

50-60% Recovery ICW


Electrical wire commonly used in residential applications, featuring copper conductors insulated with PVC. Valued for its copper content and potential reuse in various electrical and construction projects.

Aluminum Insulated Wire


Aluminum wire coated with insulation material, typically used in electrical wiring applications. Valued for its combination of electrical conductivity and insulating properties, making it suitable for diverse residential and commercial electrical installations.

Bare Bright Copper


The highest grade of copper with no impurities or coatings, typically sourced from clean and unalloyed copper wire or tubing. Known for its bright, shiny appearance and high conductivity.

#1 Copper


High-purity copper with a minimum 99% copper content, free from any significant impurities. Typically sourced from clean copper pipes, wires, or solid pieces, making it highly desirable in the recycling industry.

#2 Copper


Lower purity copper with a minimum 94% copper content, often containing impurities such as solder, paint, or other coatings. Typically sourced from miscellaneous copper items, such as tubing, fittings, or less clean copper wires.

1S Wire


Aluminum wire with a purity level of at least 99.7%, commonly used in electrical applications. Valued for its excellent conductivity, lightweight nature, and recyclability for various industrial and residential purposes.

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If you’re in the market to sell either retail or industrial scrap metal, working with our metal trader, Stuart Blair, can offer several benefits. Stuart’s immense knowledge of the scrap industry makes him an ideal partner for anyone looking to sell their scrap metal. Not only can Stuart provide expert guidance on the value of your metals and offer competitive prices, but his customer-centric approach ensures that he always puts your needs first. Additionally, working with Stuart means that you’ll have access to the resources and expertise of Niagara Metals, a reputable and reliable scrap metal company. From transportation to processing, Niagara Metals can handle every aspect of the scrap metal sale, providing a hassle-free and profitable experience for you. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, personable, and customer-focused metal trader, look no further than Stuart and Niagara Metals.

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WNY Trash TrucksWholesale Customer

Great Yard. cashier was very helpful when I went there the first time and no one came out. Also was very apologetic. Then when I came back and did not know where to go, she was very helpful. Will be a lifelong customer that is for sure.

Matthew B.Google Review

Awesome staff and I do mean awesome, clean facility, fair and quick easily my favorite location! Keep up the good work

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Niagara Metals in Cheektowaga made my first trip to a scrap metal place a pleasant experience. I dealt with two guys in the yard and a cashier to get my money and they were all extremely helpful and courteous. Thank you to Niagara Metals for the superior customer service.