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Niagara Metals has established itself as a renowned leader in the acquisition and processing of HVAC and plumbing scrap metal, offering remarkable advantages to our esteemed customers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ability to provide competitive pricing, leveraging our extensive industry knowledge to ensure fair compensation and optimize returns on your valuable materials.

Central to our operations is our unwavering dedication to eco-conscious practices. Through our robust recycling efforts, we actively contribute to the reduction of landfill waste and the preservation of valuable resources. By choosing Niagara Metals, you join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future.

Our streamlined operations and convenient pickup services are designed to provide a seamless experience, saving you time and effort. With a focus on exceptional customer service, our experienced team is readily available to address any queries or concerns promptly.

Experience the efficiency, profitability, and environmental responsibility of Niagara Metals as we handle your HVAC and plumbing scrap metal needs. Place your trust in our expertise and join us in making a positive impact on the environment while achieving optimal results.

Sheet Iron


Discarded household or industrial appliances made primarily of steel. Valued for their recyclable steel content, which can be reused in various manufacturing processes or transformed into new products.

Yellow Brass


A common alloy composed of copper and zinc, often found in plumbing fixtures, valves, and musical instruments. Valued for its corrosion resistance, durability, and recyclability in various industries.

Heavy Melt


Scrap steel and iron that is bulky or oversized, typically sourced from industrial or construction materials, valued for recycling in the metal industry.

Brass Taps

Used plumbing faucets and valves made of brass, often containing a mixture of copper and zinc. Valued for their recyclable metal content, corrosion resistance, and potential reuse in plumbing or manufacturing applications.

Cast Iron


A strong and brittle iron alloy with a high carbon content, typically containing 2-4% carbon. Known for its excellent heat retention, durability, and widespread use in construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Contaminated Brass

Brass materials with contaimination from steel, plastic or other non-brass. Valued for their recyclable metal content, but may require cleaning or surface preparation prior to recycling.

Cu/Al Radiators


Radiators from cooling systems, typically found in automobiles or HVAC units, with copper tubing and aluminum fins. Valued for their copper and aluminum content, recyclability, and potential reuse in various industries.

Brass C Metal


A type of brass with a medium copper content and varying amounts of zinc. Typically sourced from plumbing fittings, valves, and other brass items, valued for its recyclable metal content and corrosion resistance.

#1 Copper


High-purity copper with a minimum 99% copper content, free from any significant impurities. Typically sourced from clean copper pipes, wires, or solid pieces, making it highly desirable in the recycling industry.

#2 Copper


Lower purity copper with a minimum 94% copper content, often containing impurities such as solder, paint, or other coatings. Typically sourced from miscellaneous copper items, such as tubing, fittings, or less clean copper wires.

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When it comes to selling scrap metal, partnering with Stuart, our experienced metal buyer at Niagara Metals, brings a range of benefits that prioritize the customer’s satisfaction. With Stuart’s extensive industry knowledge, you can rely on his expertise to navigate the complexities of the scrap metal market and ensure fair pricing for your materials. At Niagara Metals, we place a strong emphasis on customer service, and Stuart embodies this commitment by providing personalized attention and guidance throughout the selling process. His dedication to putting the customer first ensures a seamless and transparent experience. By choosing Stuart and Niagara Metals, you gain access to a trusted partner who will work closely with you, provide accurate assessments, and ensure that you receive the best value for your scrap metal. Trust Stuart’s industry knowledge, combined with our customer-centric approach, for a successful and rewarding scrap metal selling experience.

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WNY Trash TrucksWholesale Customer

Great Yard. cashier was very helpful when I went there the first time and no one came out. Also was very apologetic. Then when I came back and did not know where to go, she was very helpful. Will be a lifelong customer that is for sure.

Matthew B.Google Review

Awesome staff and I do mean awesome, clean facility, fair and quick easily my favorite location! Keep up the good work

Jim R.Google Review

Niagara Metals in Cheektowaga made my first trip to a scrap metal place a pleasant experience. I dealt with two guys in the yard and a cashier to get my money and they were all extremely helpful and courteous. Thank you to Niagara Metals for the superior customer service.