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The scrap metal generated from industrial manufacturing processes holds significant value, and bringing it to Niagara Metals offers important advantages. Industrial manufacturing produces various scrap metal, including excess materials, offcuts, and outdated machinery parts. Choosing Niagara Metals as your destination for industrial manufacturing scrap allows you to benefit from our expertise in efficient handling and recycling of these materials. Our team understands the unique requirements of industrial manufacturing scrap and can offer competitive pricing based on current market values. Recycling industrial manufacturing scrap with us promotes sustainability by reducing the need for new resource extraction and minimizing environmental impact. By bringing your scrap to Niagara Metals, you contribute to responsible waste management and maximize the value of your industrial manufacturing operations. Trust us as your preferred partner for a smooth process, fair compensation, and a commitment to building a greener future through responsible scrap metal management.

Sheet Iron


Discarded household or industrial appliances made primarily of steel. Valued for their recyclable steel content, which can be reused in various manufacturing processes or transformed into new products.

Steel Case Batteries


Used batteries with steel casing, commonly found in automotive, industrial, and household applications. Valued for their recyclable steel content and potential reprocessing to recover valuable metals and materials.

Oversized Shearing


Large or bulky steel items, such as beams, pipes, or machinery components, often sourced from industrial or construction materials. Valued for their recyclable metal content and potential use in heavy-duty applications.

Heavy Melt


Scrap steel and iron that is bulky or oversized, typically sourced from industrial or construction materials, valued for recycling in the metal industry.

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Introducing Stuart, our knowledgeable metal buyer at Niagara Metals, who puts the customer first. With extensive industry expertise, Stuart offers valuable insights and guidance when selling scrap metal. At Niagara Metals, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Stuart ensures a seamless and transparent selling experience, providing personalized attention throughout the process. By choosing Stuart and Niagara Metals, you can expect fair pricing based on accurate assessments of your scrap metal. Benefit from Stuart’s proficiency and the customer-centric approach of Niagara Metals, ensuring a rewarding and effortless selling experience. Trust Stuart’s expertise and partner with Niagara Metals to maximize the value of your scrap metal.

What Our Customers Have To Say

WNY Trash TrucksWholesale Customer

Great Yard. cashier was very helpful when I went there the first time and no one came out. Also was very apologetic. Then when I came back and did not know where to go, she was very helpful. Will be a lifelong customer that is for sure.

Matthew B.Google Review

Awesome staff and I do mean awesome, clean facility, fair and quick easily my favorite location! Keep up the good work

Jim R.Google Review

Niagara Metals in Cheektowaga made my first trip to a scrap metal place a pleasant experience. I dealt with two guys in the yard and a cashier to get my money and they were all extremely helpful and courteous. Thank you to Niagara Metals for the superior customer service.