Steel BX Cable


Electrical cable with a steel armor and conductors, commonly used for residential and commercial wiring. Valued for its strength, durability, and recyclable steel content in the metal recycling industry.

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Steel BX cable, also known as armored cable or BX wire, is a type of electrical cable that is commonly used for residential and commercial wiring applications. It is a flexible metallic cable that consists of a spiral-wrapped metal armor surrounding insulated electrical conductors.

BX cable typically contains two or more insulated copper conductors, which carry electrical current, encased within a metal sheath. The metal sheath provides protection to the conductors and acts as a grounding pathway, enhancing safety.

The metal armor of BX cable is usually made of steel, which offers durability and mechanical strength. It provides protection against physical damage, moisture, and other environmental factors. The metal armor also provides some level of electromagnetic shielding, reducing the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) from affecting the electrical signals.

BX cable is often used in applications where extra protection and durability are required, such as in wiring circuits for lighting, outlets, and appliances. It is commonly installed in exposed or high-traffic areas, as well as in areas subject to moisture or potential damage.

When working with BX cable, it is essential to follow local electrical codes and guidelines for proper installation, grounding, and connection techniques. Professional electricians or knowledgeable individuals should handle the installation and maintenance of BX cable to ensure electrical safety and compliance with regulations.