Flat Bed / Low Boy


A flatbed should be used to move scrap metal when the items are large, heavy, or irregularly shaped. Its open design accommodates these characteristics, enabling easy loading, securing, and unloading, ensuring efficient transportation of diverse scrap metal items.

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A flatbed becomes the preferred choice for transporting scrap metal in situations where the items are sizeable, weighty, or possess irregular shapes. Its unobstructed, open design is tailored to accommodate these distinctive characteristics, facilitating uncomplicated loading, securement, and unloading processes. This versatility is especially valuable when dealing with diverse scrap metal items that might not fit within enclosed trailers or require specialized handling. Whether it’s construction materials, machinery parts, or dismantled structures, a flatbed’s flexibility ensures efficient and practical transportation. By utilizing a flatbed, the logistical challenges associated with moving such varied scrap metal are minimized, ensuring items reach their destination securely and in optimal condition.