50-60% Recovery ICW


Electrical wire commonly used in residential applications, featuring copper conductors insulated with PVC. Valued for its copper content and potential reuse in various electrical and construction projects.

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50-60% insulated copper wire, in terms of scrap metal, refers to copper wire that is coated or insulated with a layer of non-metallic material. The insulation is typically made of materials like plastic or rubber, which are used to protect and insulate the copper wire within.

The percentage (50-60%) refers to the approximate amount of copper content in the wire after deducting the weight of the insulation. In other words, the insulated copper wire contains around 50-60% copper by weight, with the remaining percentage consisting of the insulation material.

Scrap metal dealers and recycling facilities collect and process insulated copper wire as a valuable commodity. The recycling process involves stripping or removing the insulation from the wire to separate the copper from the non-metallic materials. Various methods, such as mechanical stripping or burning off the insulation, may be used to extract the copper.

The value of 50-60% insulated copper wire as scrap metal is primarily determined by the weight and copper content. Copper prices fluctuate based on market conditions and demand. The cleaner the wire and the higher the copper content, the more valuable it becomes as scrap.

Recycling insulated copper wire is an environmentally friendly practice that helps conserve resources and reduce waste. By recycling the wire, valuable copper can be recovered and reused, reducing the need for mining and refining new copper.

In summary, 50-60% insulated copper wire is copper wire coated with non-metallic insulation. It is collected and processed as scrap metal, with the copper content being the main source of value. Recycling insulated copper wire promotes resource conservation and reduces the environmental impact of copper extraction and production.