#1 Copper


High-purity copper with a minimum 99% copper content, free from any significant impurities. Typically sourced from clean copper pipes, wires, or solid pieces, making it highly desirable in the recycling industry.


Scrap #1 copper refers to a specific grade of copper scrap that holds high value in the recycling industry. It represents the highest quality and cleanest form of copper scrap available for recycling.

When considering scrap #1 copper, it typically includes uncoated, unalloyed, and uncontaminated copper materials. This can include copper pipes, wires, sheets, and other solid copper items that are free from attachments or significant levels of impurities.

To be classified as scrap #1 copper, the material must meet certain criteria, such as being free from any coatings, solder, or other metals. It should also have a consistent color and show minimal signs of oxidation or corrosion.

Scrap #1 copper is highly sought after by recycling facilities and scrap metal yards due to its purity and high copper content. It can be recycled and processed into new copper products or components with minimal additional refining or treatment.

As one of the most valuable grades of copper scrap, scrap #1 copper commands a higher price compared to lower-grade copper scrap. Its recyclability helps conserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize environmental impacts associated with primary copper production.

In summary, scrap #1 copper represents the highest quality and cleanest form of copper scrap. It consists of uncoated, unalloyed, and uncontaminated copper materials. Recycling scrap #1 copper offers economic and environmental benefits by promoting resource conservation and sustainable metal production practices.