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A type of brass with a medium copper content and varying amounts of zinc. Typically sourced from plumbing fittings, valves, and other brass items, valued for its recyclable metal content and corrosion resistance.

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Semi red brass is a type of brass alloy that falls within the range of red brass compositions. It is an alloy primarily composed of copper with a lower percentage of zinc and other trace elements. Semi red brass exhibits a reddish-brown hue due to its copper content.

The specific composition of semi red brass can vary, but it typically contains around 85% copper and 15% zinc, with small amounts of other elements such as lead or tin. This composition gives semi red brass a desirable combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of machining.

Semi red brass is commonly used in various applications, including plumbing fittings, valves, connectors, and decorative items. It is particularly favored for applications where both durability and an attractive appearance are desired.

In the recycling industry, scrap semi red brass refers to discarded or recycled semi red brass materials. These materials, such as plumbing fixtures or components, are collected and processed as scrap metal. Recycling scrap semi red brass helps conserve resources, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact.

The value of scrap semi red brass is determined by factors such as its weight, purity, and current market conditions. Scrap dealers or recycling facilities collect and process the scrap, sorting and melting it to extract the valuable semi red brass alloy. The recycled semi red brass can then be used to manufacture new brass products, reducing the need for extracting and refining raw materials.

In summary, semi red brass is a copper-rich brass alloy known for its reddish-brown color and a balance of strength and corrosion resistance. Recycling scrap semi red brass supports sustainability and resource conservation within the brass industry.