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  • Scrap brass encompasses discarded or surplus brass items, like valves, fittings, or decorative pieces, collected for recycling due to its high value and potential for reuse in various industries.

    Auto Radiators

    Price $1.23

    Salvaged from automobiles, these radiators are composed of a combination of brass and copper, making them sought-after in the recycling industry for their valuable metal composition and potential reuse.

    Brass C Metal

    Price $1.70

    A type of brass with a medium copper content and varying amounts of zinc. Typically sourced from plumbing fittings, valves, and other brass items, valued for its recyclable metal content and corrosion resistance.

    Brass Shells

    Price Call for Price

    Brass shell casings from ammunition, often sourced from spent cartridges. They possess a high copper content, are valued for recycling due to their metal content, and can be repurposed in various industries.

    Brass Taps

    Price Call for Price

    Used plumbing faucets and valves made of brass, often containing a mixture of copper and zinc. Valued for their recyclable metal content, corrosion resistance, and potential reuse in plumbing or manufacturing applications.

    Contaminated Brass

    Price Call for Price

    Brass materials with contaimination from steel, plastic or other non-brass. Valued for their recyclable metal content, but may require cleaning or surface preparation prior to recycling.

    Yellow Brass

    Price $1.65

    A common alloy composed of copper and zinc, often found in plumbing fixtures, valves, and musical instruments. Valued for its corrosion resistance, durability, and recyclability in various industries.