Used Beverage Containers


Scrap aluminum containers, such as cans or bottles, commonly used for beverages, valued for their recyclable metal content and environmental benefits.



Scrap UBC (Used Beverage Can) refers to discarded aluminum beverage cans that are collected and recycled as scrap metal. These cans, commonly used for packaging beverages like soda, beer, and energy drinks, are sought after in the recycling industry due to the valuable properties of aluminum.

Scrap UBC holds significant benefits, including resource conservation and energy savings. Recycling UBCs reduces the need for mining and extracting new aluminum ore, thus conserving natural resources. The recycling process for UBCs requires much less energy compared to primary aluminum production, contributing to energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, recycling UBCs helps mitigate environmental impact by reducing waste in landfills and air pollution associated with primary aluminum production. It also promotes economic value by supporting the recycling industry, creating jobs, and contributing to a more sustainable circular economy.

Collection of scrap UBCs occurs through curbside recycling programs, drop-off locations, or scrap metal dealers. The cans undergo a recycling process involving sorting, cleaning, shredding, and melting. The resulting recycled aluminum is refined to remove impurities, resulting in high-quality secondary aluminum ready for various applications.

By recycling scrap UBCs, we support sustainability, conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, and facilitate the production of recycled aluminum for diverse industries. This process helps us move closer to a more environmentally conscious and resource-efficient future.